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A presenter host or hostess is a person or organization responsible for the running of a public event. A museum or university for example may be the presenter or host of an exhibit. In films a presenter but not a host is a usually a well-known executive producer credited with introducing a film or filmmaker to a larger audience. For example Presented by Cecil B. In the broadcast media a presenter is the person who hosts narrates or otherwise takes the main role in narrating or hosting a radio program or a television program.
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Senator Foraker was one man but Senator Foraker was a host in himself. The female attaches her eggs to the hairs or feathers of her host. All looked up to the end of the table where their host had broken a glass. Yes I can reiterated Stephen delighted to have astonished his host. She relieved the situation of its cold-toned strain in adding He is a host.
host definition of host in English Oxford Dictionaries.
3.1 The sun moon and stars. the starry host of heaven. 4 rare A flock of sparrows. there was a host of sparrows under the roof of the house. A host of sparrows create such a rioting as renders sleep or repose perfectly out of the question. A single robin pecking about on the garden step for his breakfast will scatter a host of sparrows. They were met by a host of sparrows. Stanford's roster included a golden eagle a northern harrier and a California thrasher plus a host of sparrows.
host meaning of host in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
Examples from the Corpus. host The prospect of the bill is worrying a host of companies. Leno replaced Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show The President and his wife served as hosts at the concert. I was intrigued to learn that our Chinese host had spent many years in Chicago. He packed his belongings made his goodbyes and parted from his hosts. He is well-dressed superficially well-mannered but reminds me of a flirtatious married host at a barbecue. Hawke resigned from parliament on Feb. 20 to become a television chat-show host.
a whole host of people/things meaning of a whole host of people/things in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English a whole host of people/things a whole host of people/things LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a large number of people or things A host of show business celebrities have pledged their support. Examples from the Corpus. a whole host of people/things I am extremely oh a host of things but not angry any more. Pictures of the day. Click on the pictures to check.
Host definition of host by The Free Dictionary.
For example a cat may be a host to fleas that feed on its blood or a cell in the human respiratory tract may be a host to a flu virus. host One of its early senses was army. harbinger Originally one who provided lodging or acted as a host. table d hote prix fixe Table d hote literally table of the host is a complete meal with specified courses for a set priceand means the same as prix fixe. French leave Comes from the French custom of leaving a ball or dinner without saying goodbye to the host or hostess.
host Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
C1 a large number of something. There's a whole host of reasons why he didn't get the job. Thesaurus synonyms and related words. Masses and large amounts of things. an embarrassment of riches idiom. any number of things idiom. the host S specialized. the holy bread that is eaten at Communion a Christian religious ceremony.
a whole host of WordReference Forums.
what does a whole host of mean? I guess pretty much? ESC85 20 janvier 2008. Yes it means lots of or many of. I have a whole host of reasons why I can't make this answer any longer. Something else to do. Lexiphile 20 janvier 2008. Now i got it. ESC85 20 janvier 2008. Previous Thread Next Thread. Vous devez être identifié pour pouvoir répondre. Afficher le contenu ignoré. Votre nom ou adresse e-mail. Avez vous déjà un compte? Non créer un compte maintenant. Oui mon mot de passe est.
Host Definition of Host by Merriam-Webster.
to serve as host to or at host friends hosting a party. Definition of host for Students. multitude We faced a host of problems. Definition of host for Students. the bread used in Christian Communion. Medical Definition of host. 1 a living animal or plant on or in which a parasite livessee definitive host intermediate host. 2 the larger stronger or dominant one of a commensal or symbiotic pair. 3 a an individual into which a tissue or part is transplanted from another b an individual in whom an abnormal growth as a cancer is proliferating. Learn More about host.
Heavenly host Wikipedia.
Book of Joshua edit. In the Book of Joshua 513-15 Joshua encounters a captain of the host of the Lord in the early days of his campaigns in the Promised Land. This unnamed heavenly messenger is sent by God to encourage Joshua in the upcoming claiming of the Promised Land. Once when Joshua was near Jericho he looked up and saw a man standing before him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went to him and said to him Are you one of us or one of our adversaries? He replied Neither but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.

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